Mig Dann is a Melbourne-based artist who has embarked upon a practice-led PhD at the School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne. Her current practice is about the impossible encounter: an investigation of memory, time and identity through an expanded spatial practice. The way the past is remembered is through the present and because those past memories are always shifting, she is exploring how the concepts of memory, time and identity can be identified through the present encounter with materials and the sculptural object.

Making memory visual and working with it as a set of possibilities is a strategy that she is investigating through installations that combine objects, sound and moving images in ways that are conceptually and emotionally immersive, in order to explore the poetics as well as the politics of memory and personal cultural history.

In 2016 Mig was commissioned to make a site-responsive work for the Sculpture Walk at Wesenberg Sculpture Park, Weissensee, Mecklenberg, Germany, followed by a one-month residency, where the work on memory originated.